ToeSox Women’s Performance Five Toe Ankle Minnie Sport Toesocks



Wanna race? These ankle socks rest just above the ankle and are designed to support your feet and wick away sweat during runs, cross-fit and gym workouts. Cushioned sole from heel to toe provides the ultimate protection against hot spots and hard surfaces.WHY 5 TOES? Spreading your five toes is one of the best ways to help your feet align correctly and reduce foot pain. Seamless five toe construction promotes circulation, removes moisture, eliminates friction and blisters between toes.DESIGN: The ultimate toe sock in moisture wicking, anti-blister protection: vented knit top allows for faster cooling and moisture release. Arched band provides gentle compression to lift and support and cushioned sole comforts foot from toe to upper heel. Perfect for hiking, trail and long distance running.HYGENIC: A hygienic alternative to bare feet, ToeSox serve as a barrier between feet and shoes to prevent sweating and protect feet from unwanted dirt and germs. Secure welt band keeps debris out.CONTAINS: 90% Polyester; 10% Spandex. Machine washable. Wash in gentle cycle. Line dry. Do not bleach or iron.


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