SANDALUP Summer Gladiator Flat Canvas Braided Sandals for Women



?CROSS FLOWER UPPER: The straps of these sandals are braided by hand. There are subtle differences between the straps of each sandal. Therefore every pair of sandals is unique in this world.?LOW-KEY CANVAS: The materials of the straps are canvas. They are comfortable, strong and environmentally friendly. So you can move freely and relieved when you wearing them.?ELASTIC OUTSOLE: The soles of these flat sandals are made of rubber. In order to further improve the anti-slip function of the sole, the sole of each pair of shoes is engraved with a pattern.?T-STRAP SANDAL: Woven straps aren’t stretchy, but these flat sandals have the open-toe design. If your feet are slightly wider than average, these flat sandals also suitable for women or girls.??SELECT YOUR SIZE: Please check the size chart on the product page for best fitting. If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us.


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