SANDALUP Flat Thong Sandals with Triangle Metal for Women



?T-STRAP AND SLINGBACK DESIGN:?? The nice T-shaped design and not bulky straps are simple and chic. If you don’t like your toes hit the top of the sandals, thong sandals will make your feet cute, beautiful and feminine. Very elegant and light.?THE RIGHT TRIANGLE DECORATION:?? A unique decoration and high-quality gold triangle buckle adorns the upper. Make your sandals more beautiful. A soft inner lining under the triangle buckle will not directly touch your skin, so it won’t blister your feet.?DOESN’T RUB AT THE TOES:?? The flip flop place is soft PU leather and no transparent hose is added, so the pins do not rub between the toes.?NON-SLIP OUTSOLE:?? The material at the bottom is high-quality rubber, the rubber has a non-slip effect, and the sole has a non-slip texture. Even if you walk on a damp floor, it won’t slide.?HAVEN??T ENOUGH ARCH SUPPORT:?? We are sorry that most flat sandals or flats do not have enough arch support. So they may not be suitable for everyone. For example, people with flat feet. Some ladies who are going to be mothers tell us, she wears it throughout the summer. So we believe these sandals will get more people’s likes.


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