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FAMILY LOVE: Notes to Self Family Love Socks is a special collection of meaningful socks for each member of the family. These relationship socks contains one pair of socks for a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother or friend. Each family gift has its own inspirational message for each family member to always remind them of how truly loved they are.GIFT OF WORDS: Notes to Self socks make the best family appreciation gifts and great gifts for friends. These statement socks come with various special phrases such as ??I am a great mom??, ??I love grandma??,??I am a great dad??, ??I am a great brother??, and ??I love grandpa??, all in bold bright colors that highlight their significant roles in the family. Get creative and send out your love in the form of customized family socks!ULTRA SOFT: Our?low-cut socks are thoughtfully designed to energize your feet as well as your mind. These positivity socks are woven from a premium combed cotton blend, with a touch of spandex, for lasting comfort and a supportive, slouch-free sock fit. These cotton socks gently hug your foot with arch compression and are engineered with athletic sock features like a mesh top for ventilation, and cushioned soles and toes for comfort and durability.DAILY AFFIRMATION: At Notes to Self we want everyone, every day to see a message that reminds them of their best qualities. We created a series of affirmation socks, with a motivational message woven into the toes, and the soles of awesome socks you??ll want to wear every day.WORDS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE: Taking a moment to put on your socks, your subconscious will register the motivational sock??s words, a daily affirmation and encouragement message. The power of Words is an integral part of how we affirm ourselves, our own self-confidence, and our own journey. Let each step, and each inspirational sock take you in the right direction with a message that moves you.


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