MVE Shoes Women’s Open Toe Strappy Platform Sandals



Made in USA or ImportedHeel measures approximately 3 inchesADJUSTABLE TO YOUR PERSONAL PREFERENCE: – This shoe style can be worn with just about any outfit with its unique designs to help enhance your legs and highlight your overall outfit! Pair with skirts and dresses of all lengths! Choose your favorite color to match your favorite clothes.SATISFING AND SECURE FIT: This shoe is adjustable at ankle area with a Velcro strap. With the help of a soft strap, it will allow you to perfectly fit the heel to your very own aspiration. This shoe also provides added cushion to assure lasting all day comfort!VERSITILE STYLE: – These sandals will contribute a timeless design that will allow you to wear in any occasion you have. Perfect for birthdays, parties, weddings or any other special occasion. Anything is possible in these comfortable shoes.SIZING AND MESAUREMENTS: – We can assure you, your feet will not slip, move, or turn out of place while wearing these. Especially with the shoes promising, comfortable, and Velcro adjustable straps. Wedge Height: 3??. Platform height 1??. This shoe fits true to size.


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