DailyShoes Women’s Wedge Platform Slide On Comfort Ankle Elastic Strap Sandal Buckle Shoes



Rubber soleHeel measures approximately 3.75 inchesPlatform measures approximately 1.25THICK, COMFORTABLE HEEL The wedge of this Cork Board heel provides plenty of support and offers 3.75 inches of height. When you go out during the day, whether it is to have lunch with your friends or just to run some errands, you know that casual shoes are the way to go.UNIQUE CORK INSPIRED DESIGN These heels feature wedges made out of material meant to add detail with its cork board appearance. These heels, offering a 3.75 inch lift in height, provide you with the height that you want without having to wear uncomfortable pumps to get it. The wedges are thick and comfortable, ensuring that your feet will not hurt no matter how long you end up wearing them.DURABLE BUCKLE CLOSURE This metallic closure will ensure the perfect fit and keep your feet stable in the shoe. That is where a casual wedge heeled shoe comes in. These shoes lend you stylishness without you having to wear shoes better intended for the nighttime while still being comfortable and casual all the same. That is what you will find with the DailyShoes Chunky Cork Board Wedge Heels.BEAUTIFUL EMBELLISHMENTS Golden toned studs offer a bold fashion statement. This last strap comes with a durable buckle closure that keeps the shoes in place, while golden metallic studs of the same color and material adorn the sides of the shoe.MADE FROM TOP QUALITY MATERIALS These shoes are built to last.The DailyShoes Chunky Cork Board Wedge Heels feature straps around both the toes and the ankle as well as a secured strap around the top of the foot


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