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? FROM THE COMFORT EXPERTS – Our designers have been creating new ways to help you relax and unwind for over 20 years – Addison Meadow PJs are their ultimate offering of the SOFTEST SLEEPWEAR? LIKE A PILLOW FOR YOUR FEET – It’s annoying to buy what look like comfortable slippers, only to find out you got plywood boards; With EXTRA-SOFT CUSHIONING, these premium women’s slippers offer COMFORT THAT EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS? LUXURIOUS VELVET FEEL – Crafted with PREMIUM velour, these slippers will feel like you are at an exclusive spa but in the comfort of your home. WARM BUT NEVER SWEATY, taking these off may be the hardest part about going to bed.? AFFECTIONATE DETAILS – These soft women’s slippers feature PLAYFUL HEART APPLIQUES; From rich tones to pops of pink, these WHIMSICAL scuff slippers are perfect for anyone feeling a little flirty.? EASY ON, EASY OFF – Some cozy slippers may LOOK GOOD AND FEEL WONDERFUL but they’re a pain to put on; Enjoy the EASE OF WOMEN’S SLIP-ON SLIPPERS that hug the feet for a perfect balance of LONG-LASTING COMFORT and a secure fit? NON-SLIP SUPPORT – Durable women’s slippers give you the PEACE OF MIND you want, particularly when you’re groggy from sleep or walking in dim light; TOUGH NON-SKID SOLES offer stability and traction when it matters most


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